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The bloG


How’s your gut health? Did you know that the amount of stomach acid you have correlates to how prone you are to diseases of the body and mouth? Things that affect our gut health from day 1… Let’s start from the beginning. Our gut microbiome is formed most profoundly from the moment that we are […]

Nutrition and Detox

March 14, 2023

Digestion and Disease


Acidity isn’t usually known to be a good thing when it comes to your mouth and body, and for good reason! Highly acidic levels are incredibly detrimental to your health! If you recall from chemistry class, the PH scale. Anything below 7 (being neutral) on the pH scale is an acidic level that will start […]

Holistic Dentistry, Nutrition and Detox

November 7, 2022

How acidity is detrimental to your mouth and body

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