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Have you heard of NightLase® ? Do you struggle with sleep apnea or snoring that’s impairing your sleep, your life, or even your partner’s sleep? It’s non-invasive! It’s painless! It’s life-changing! NightLase® is new laser technology that opens the airway and provides the gift of the best restorative sleep possible! Did you know that having these issues […]

Holistic Dentistry, Services

February 27, 2023

NightLase® for Sleep Apnea/Snoring


Evolution of the dental handpiece Let’s get into modern lasers in dentistry, how we use them, and the innovative evolution of dental technology. Dental technology has advanced exponentially faster in the last century than any other time in history… and with, usherering in so many health benefits! Let’s explore how far we’ve come… Small stone […]

Facial Aesthetics, Holistic Dentistry, Services

October 27, 2022

Lasers in dentistry: Innovative evolution

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