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It's never just about your mouth.  

  • Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health (2013)
  • Advanced Education in General Dentistry-Lutheran Medical Center (2014)
  • Certificate in Public Health (2013)
  • Wholistic Kinesiologist (2014)
  • Advanced Consciousness Kinesiologist (2018)
  • IAOMT Accredited (2021)
  • SMART Amalgam Removal Certified (2021)
  • PRF Facial Esthetics Certified (2021)
  • IV Nutrition Certified (2021)
  • Craniosacral Therapy Certified (2022)
  • Fotona Laser Certified (2022)


In addition to the school of life here is a list of the credentials I've collected so far.  Keep checking back as I'm sure this will be an ongoing list. 

dr. kayleigh short Credentials

  "I have been a patient of Dr. Kayleigh Short for 3 years. Dr. Short focuses on my dental health in a proactive and systematic manner while taking my economic interests at heart. She is very efficient and gets the job done quickly, precisely, and without the need for a follow up visit. She is also very calm and collected during a procedure. The end result is that I trust her, my dental health is great, and that impacts my overall health and well-being in a positive manner. Dr. Short has a great personality which makes it easy to sit in the chair. I also give accolades to her assistant-Kelsie, who is the best dental technician I have ever had, very knowledgeable and engaged."
-Roland Dunatov, Sammamish WA

"I trust her, my dental health is great"

  "I hated going to the dentist. It was a nightmare. Scary. When we came to see Dr. Short, right away, I felt comfortable. She put me at ease. I thought she would make me feel bad for my bad teeth, but she was very kind and helped me to fix them and helped teach me how to take care of them the right way. Now going to the dentist is fun and enjoyable!"
-Isaiah, age 13

"Going to the dentist is fun"

  "I had a lot of bad teeth. Lots of cavities. The other dentist I had seen wanted me to have surgery to take them out. My mom wanted to find another way. So we came to see Dr. Short. She helped fix my teeth and make them look nice. After some time, one of my teeth started hurting really bad and needed to be removed. I was scared, but Dr. Short and Ms Kelsie helped me feel comfortable so that they could take the tooth out. She showed me how to take good care of my teeth so now they are staying nice. She is really kind and caring."
-Mikayla, age 9

"She is really kind and caring"

  "Dr. Short is warm and kind and knowledgeable. In our time with her, she consistently brings forth a wealth of wisdom and compassion paired with play and creativity. Her approach is expansive, enveloping trauma-informed, empathetic, holistic, and caring. I felt seen and held in her care and my children have had positive dental services because of her support and treatments. I wholly recommend her services to any mother, woman, person I know. I am delighted to know Dr. Short. Her team and practice are competent, compassionate, wise, safe, and creative. What a gift they are and what luck for those of us who have found her clinic."
 -Lindsey W.

"I wholly recommend her services"

  "In my short forty-one years, I've had the misfortune of needing a high volume of dental care. Yet, in 2021 I had the great fortune of coming upon the most skilled, compassionate dentist of my life in finding Dr. Short. She is bar none the BEST dentist of my life. Not only does she provide the highest technical quality in her care, her centered, supportive, and irreverent approach is what anyone would want while sitting in the hot seat. I've never felt so reassured in the vulnerable position of being a patient. What a treasure it is to be cared for by someone so kind and capable; may every person be so fortunate."
-Kim J.

"I've never felt so reassured "

  "When health issues warranted removal of my mercury amalgams--both in fillings and as residues under my crowns, Dr. Short went above and beyond to guard my health as she basically reconstructed my mouth. Start to finish, her work was exceptional. My bite's great, teeth are beautiful, and her safe procedures couldn't have been more meticulous. I'm grateful. I'd choose her again in a heartbeat."
-Cheryl B

"I'd choose her again in a heartbeat"

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A note on Insurance

We accept all insurances, except State insurance. We are a fee for service office (This means, we collect payment in full, at the time of service) and we are an out-of-network provider with all insurances.

This means that when insurances provide their fee scale for in-network and out-of-network, we classify as out-of-network. Though we do not offer pre-authorization, as a courtesy, we do file your insurance claims for you. We have a great insurance team that will file and follow up with any denied claims. Please note, you will need to inform us of any denied or missing claims, as we are not notified directly.